The key to a fast car is setup. Chassis setup being paramount to performance gains. JJC Race and rally stock the best brands to give you the best setup possible. Intercomp weighing scales will allow you to setup up your weight distribution to within one-hundredth of a percent. Weight distribution is only part of the story. Castor and camber gauges will help your autograss car reach maximum directional stability and when your changing castor and camber you should also set your toe in and bump steer with the gauges from Longacre. With spring testers and pyrometers also available from JJC race and rally you will have the perfect setup to hit the grass.
Once your there you’ll want to amend your setup until the lap times improve and the strive for that little bit more speed kicks in, with kit like the Dunlop alignment gauge measuring camber, castor, toe and KPI in a unit that is transportable, trackside setup is easy.

Alignment Products   Chassis Brackets & Fittings   Weighing Scales            
Alignment Products   Chassis Brackets & Fittings   Weighing Scales            
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