A high flow exhaust is a must when building a competition car. Custom Chrome and Jetex exhaust parts are designed to help you create your desired exhaust setup, with 90 degree bends, straight pipes and over axle bends all available. In order to keep it all together you will need some high strength clamps, brackets and rubber mounts along with exhaust sealant.
Keeping engine temperature down is key to better performance and a more efficient engine, JJC Race and Rally have there own branded exhaust wrap as well as exhaust wrap and stainless steel locking ties from Design Engineering which is developed for better exhaust scavenging and provides a considerable drop in intake temperatures.
Competition exhausts are designed to be high flow which is vital to allow your tuned engine to breathe properly and release its full potential. In the modern world cars must be fitted with catalytic converters and stainless steel sports catalytic converters are available from JJC Race and Rally. They offer lower resistance to gas flow, reduced back pressure and increased performance over ceramic and non high flow designs.
Competition exhausts can be noisy and to get them down to regulation we have a range of silencers and silencer wadding to drop the decibels.

Exhaust Wrap   Exhaust Silencers   Exhaust Tubing            
Exhaust Wrap   Exhaust Silencers   Exhaust Tubing            
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