Air ducting is used for many purposes in competition vehicles. It can ventilate the cockpit of a car, along with a duct fan and cold air feeds to keep driving conditions comfortable when in the heat of the competition.
Competition preparation of a vehicle can mean the difference between first and last on the stage. Channelling air in conjunction with ducting hose to the air filter of the engine can increase the efficiency and power of the engine, whilst providing cooling to the brake system can mean the performance is there when it matters. JJC offer oil cooler ducts which provide air to the oil cooler allowing for the optimum levels of cooling to be achieved. Both inlet or outlet vents are available in various sizes, shapes and angles; they can also be supplied with gauze to prevent ingress of debris.
JJC Race and Rally stock a huge range of air ducting from Revotec and our own JJC Race and Rally brand, with clear, aluminium or moulded black plastic ducts, which can be fitted on Perspex windows, wings, roofs or bonnet scoops.

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