The HANS device or ‘Head and Neck Support’ system is designed to reduce the likelihood of head or neck injuries in accidents during motorsport events. The HANS device sits on the driver’s shoulders and is tethered to the driver’s helmet reducing the movement of the head during an accident. JJC Race and Rally stock the devices from Stand21, hans® and Schroth who provide the system to many professional racers. The system is designed in various recline angles for optimum effect and therefore is available for use in single seater racing, rallying, GT/saloon car racing and sports prototype racing. There is also a HANS device specifically designed at a greater recline for use in high powered single seater cars. From hans® there is also an adjustable FIA Approved HANS Device which is perfect for use in multiple race cars with different seat reclines. JJC Race and Rally also stock various accessories for HANS in the form of hans clips, padding and replacement tether sets.

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Accessories   Hans Devices   Helmet and Hans Bags            
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