Most forms of Motorsport will not let you compete unless you have at least the minimum safety requirement of a Fire Extinguisher on board. At JJC Race and Rally we have our own inexpensive Fire extinguishers & Accessories as well as the top branded Fire extinguisher systems from Lifeline and Willans. From the basic 1kg handheld systems to the fully plumbed in 4.0 litre steel bottle, JJC Race and Rally stock an extinguisher for you. 
If your plumbing the system in yourself and you need the accessories, everything can be found here, Pull cables, power packs, pipe fittings, Nozzles, tubing and even competition safety stickers.
Motorsport regulations for the type of extinguishant to use can also differ depending on whether you are Rallying, Racing, Oval Racing or Autograss Racing; we have Zero 360 Foam, AFFF Foam and dry powder to ensure you have all the options.

Hand Held Extinguishers   Plumbed In Systems - Extinguishers                
Hand Held Extinguishers   Plumbed In Systems - Extinguishers                
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